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Planting landscapes to create a garden factory environment

In order to create a beautiful and comfortable working environment, improve the working and living conditions of employees, and create a vibrant and green enterprise image, with the support of the Group Real Estate Company, Dongfeng Company, after investing in the construction of modern factory buildings and comprehensive office buildings, has carried out greening and landscaping work in the factory area. Build the company into a garden factory.

Vice Chairman Gao Jiayi and General Manager Qu Yonghua attach great importance to this work, and have supervised and implemented it many times. General Manager Liu of Real Estate has given great assistance to the company's greening work. He Shuxian, a horticultural engineer, has been sent to organize greening work in the factory area with tree planters. Many times coordinated trucks to pull flowers and soil, the old factory pine, willow transplanted to the new company, but also bought pink, cherry, white elm, apricot, poplar and other tree species, by Ho horticulturist guidance cultivation, and organized tree planters every day watering, fertilization, pruning, pest control and meticulous maintenance, their hard work changed The new factory area is full of green, many employees said with emotion: "The company has changed too much, the environment is too beautiful!"

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