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Jilin Siping Dongfeng Harvester Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jilin Dongfeng Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. At the beginning of 2005, a large-scale joint-stock enterprise was established on the basis of the Dongfeng Harvester General Plant in Siping. The predecessor of enterprise was built in 1942, and has a history of more than 70 years. Over the past 70 years, enterprises have precipitated the cultural essence of the development of China's harvesting machinery and witnessed the history of China's agricultural mechanization. Since 1964, we have successfully developed the first large-scale self-propelled combine in China, which has filled the gap in the history of China's inability to produce large-scale combine, we have become the largest harvester manufacturer in Asia, the backbone of China's machinery industry, the leader of the agricultural machinery industry, the national combine harvester. Production and research base; the birthplace and cradle of China's combine harvester.

Jilin Siping Dongfeng Harvester Co., Ltd. covers an area of 150,000 square meters, a united plant area of 67,000 square meters, and a scientific research office area of 8,000 square meters. It is the largest United Plant in Siping area with complete supporting facilities. Owns a variety of machining equipment more than one thousand sets. Among them, Italian NC machining center, American NC stamping center and domestic small machining center are introduced. Since the restructuring of the enterprise, a large amount of money has been invested to increase the introduction and investment of high, precision and sophisticated equipment, greatly improving the quality of parts processing and product performance. All equipments adopt CNC automation equipment, including CNC car production line, CNC laser cutting production line, CNC bending production line, fully automatic bottom coating production line, profile laser production line, automatic welding production line and other fully digital automation production lines, to comprehensively improve the manufacturing level of products. The large combine harvester has 3000 capacity, and the large horsepower tractor has a capacity of 10000 units. Siping City and even Jilin Province, the most complete mechanical processing, processing capacity of the strongest enterprises. Perfect technology and equipment, excellent machinery and equipment, greatly guarantee the unity and reliability of the product.

One hundred years of special agricultural machinery enterprises, 50 years of outstanding national brand, created the Dongfeng harvester will always stand in China's agricultural machinery market myth. Glory can only represent the past, but the future is always blank. With the establishment and gradual improvement of the modern enterprise system, Jilin Siping Dongfeng combine harvester Co., Ltd. once again coruscated with vitality, large-scale modern new factory has been completed and put into operation, the enterprise's technical strength continues to strengthen. At present, the enterprise has become the only national combined harvester parts remanufacturing demonstration base; Jilin Province Enterprise Technology Center. Large-scale axial-flow corn combine was appraised by experts as a blank product to fill the country, and won the third prize of Jilin Province's scientific and technological progress, Jilin Province's famous brand products. The company has obtained twelve patents for combine harvesters and four scientific and technological achievements in Jilin province. The "Dongfeng" brand has been appraised as a famous trademark in Jilin province and registered in Azerbaijan and other countries.

The company's products have formed six series of 22 different types of combine harvesters, high-power tractors, corn threshers and other crop harvesting machinery products. The combined harvester covers maize, rice, wheat, rape, sorghum, oil sunflower, millet and other crop types, power covers 60 to 220 horsepower; High-power Tractor Power covers 130 to 160 horsepower; 5TY-20018 corn thresher, power 65 horsepower. The products are distributed in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Our company sincerely invites insightful people in the agricultural machinery industry at home and abroad to carry out extensive technical and financing cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, and seek common development.

Please remember: we changed the history of China's agricultural mechanization development.

Please firmly believe that we will again lead the future of China's agricultural mechanization development.

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