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After-sale service

In order to better, faster, more convenient for the user service, Jilin Dongfeng company has always been in line with the "reputation first, customer first" service purpose, for users to do a good job in pre-sale after-sales service. Every year, Dongfeng has set up a central warehouse of spare parts in places where car sales are concentrated. It is equipped with mobile service vehicles and has a 24-hour service hotline on call. The special person is responsible for the service work, and really solves the worries for the users. All vulnerable parts and common accessories are in place before harvest. At the same time, we also have a very professional service team, the service personnel are the first-line production staff of the workshop, compared with other manufacturers entrusted to distributors of service personnel more professional, troubleshooting more timely, reduce the economic losses of users, service personnel stationed in the town of car sales concentration, on call at any time, all-inclusive. Force maintenance services.



If the harvesting operation receives a call for repair at the time of the treatment of opinions, the need for door-to-door service, within the service radius of 30 minutes to rush to the service site, actively troubleshooting, failures not removed from the service site. Make the user that buys Jilin Dongfeng product truly experience to buy reassurance, use reassurance, make money comfortable, really happy. Really feel that Jilin Dongfeng Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. is your forever friend and solid backing.

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